About Us



Dr. Suresh Purohit

MBBS (India), DMM (INSH, India), D. Diabtology (ZMU, Europe), MBA IIT B

Diabetes Care Physician, Hyperbaric Medicine Specialist CEO & Consultant Diabetologist, SugarDoctor Medicare LLP, Mumbai, India

Dr. Lotika Purohit

MBBS (Mumbai), Diploma in Diabetology (Mumbai) MBA IIT Bombay

Director & Consulting Diabetologist, Diabetes care center, Mumbai, India
Founder SugarDoctor Medicare LLP Mumbai, India

About SugarDoctorTM

SugarDoctorTM is dedicated to cause the difference in the life of people. People gets JOY, HAPPINESS and FREEDOM in the families and fulfilment in the world. The aim of SugarDoctorTM to Control Diabetes and STOP diabetes complications by using the appropriate technology in field of diabetes and prevent diabetes complications.

SugarDoctorTM as an enterprise was started by founders Drs Lotika Gurbaxani and Suresh Purohit as Diabetes Care Centre in 1996 for providing day to day needs of people having high sugar level in the blood. Today we have grown as brand SugarDoctorTM

SugarDoctorTM has evolved as centre for diabetes education, treatment and prevention of complications. SugarDoctorTM prevent blindness, heart attack, kidney failure, nerve damage and amputation of foot or toes, all caused by uncontrolled poorly managed diabetes.